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Thank you, I think?? January 12, 2013

Have you ever been on the receiving end of what is supposed to be a compliment, but was actually a dressed up insult? Well I think I was on the receiving end of something similar the other day. I received a compliement on a pair of shoes I was wearing. I graciously thanked the person and their reply left me scratching my head. Here is the play by play.

Coworker: Love those shoes! Very cute.
Me: Thanks, they were a gift from the honey.
Coworker: Oh girl I’m so glad he stepped up your style because I was tired of seeing you dress like an old lady
Me: Um, thanks?? I happen to think I have style.
Coworker: Oh I’m sure but it just seems your style has stepped up since you met your honey. You don’t dress so conservative
Me: (Blank stare) I happen to love my style and I think it’s classic with a mix of eclectic. I just keep it simple at work.
Coworker: You would think that, but he has totally stepped up your game
Me: Thanks (walks off scratching my head thinking what just happened)

As I walked away I was thinking how my opinion of style and her opinion of my style were vastly different. I began to think what other areas of my life did I have an opinion that was vastly different from others. Normally I would obsess about what or how I could change my coworker’s mind, but I stopped. In that brief moment I was about to let someone’s opinion question how I viewed myself. I took a minute and did a quick inventory of me, confirmed that I loved everything about me and decided her opinion is just that her opinion.

Lesson of the day: Do not base the type of person you are off the opinions of others. Be happy with who, what and where you are in life. Do things you love, dress how you feel, and act how you please. Life is too short to spend it accommodating people you will never be able to please.


Shoulda,Coulda,Would you?? March 31, 2012

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I often hear people say if I had to do it again I would do (insert thought) and I begin wondering if you could do it all again would you???  There are a lot of things we see other people do and we often say if I was younger, slimmer, richer, or smarter I would (again insert comment here).  This got me to wondering why people always assume that when you get a certain age or status you cannot do things you dreamt.  Who says you can’t open that  business you’ve always wanted to try?  Why don’t you take that high school or college course you are afraid to take?  Why don’t you just go for it and see what happens?  What stops us from doing the things our heart truly desires?  Are we that conditioned to think that dreams do not come true for the ordinary average person?   What’s stopping you from your greatness??  For a long time my hinderance was fear.  At the time I didn’t know that my fear was masked with tons of excuses of why I should wait to live my dreams.  Then one day I had my aha moment and realized it was me, myself, and I stopping me from living. Seriously…what am I trying to prove???  That I’m better, stronger, more responsible than the people having fun?!?!?  I had to tell myself to get real.  When I got real I discovered quite a few intersting things about myself.   I am divinely made with purpose and it is up to me to step into and embrace all this “p.h.a.p.ulousness”  (YES  I made it up) That’s my motto.  I am P.H.A.P.ulous…that is Pretty Haute and Powerful!!!!  Basically I am have turned my shoulda, woulda, coulda to shoulda, coulda, would you? into Show Nuff, Can Do and Watch ME!!!

Until the next time,

P.H.A.P.-ulously me 🙂